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Hey Gorgeous,

You’ve never done things like everyone else.

Running a business, household, career . . . always on the move, running like you ran out of wine & the store closes in 5 minutes!

That’s why you set out to create your own path.

But, that path is starting to feel a bit muddled.

The kids need you.  Your boss needs you.  Your team needs you. Hell, even the dog needs you these days.

Mama, I hear you! I’ve been there!

And, I’ve got something to share with you.

I am Shannon Garrison Negi, business strategist & former burned out corporate mama who specializes in helping the savvy CEO mom lean into their brilliance and create a network marketing biz that “shines bright like a diamond”.

You didn’t get into this gig for the shameless shoe fund.

You are here to show up and stand out your way!

You in mama?