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For mom’s who don’t do the whole “stay-at-home” thing! Business strategy and systems for the savvy CEO mom ready to elevate their business-3.png

I’ve never been one to conform to the normal rules. I was taught that success meant getting a good job, getting promoted & making more money year in and year out.

I spent the majority of my career working hard for others who couldn’t really give a shi*t what aspirations I had outside of the job I did for them.

I learned after a while that no matter where you are in your career you are expendable.
I’ve been let go several times before the last which was a week before I went on maternity leave (sounds horrific I know but don’t panic)!  It was for sure the biggest sign I’ve had from the universe that I was supposed to be pursuing other paths.

Now starting a business I thought would be easy but it’s probably been the hardest thing I’ve done since having 2 kids.

When I think about the alternative, well that’s just NOT an option.

DO you want to build someone else’s dreams and miss out on all the little moments with your babies?

This business will test you.  You will want to quit (probably multiple times).

And every time you will think of the alternative you will keep going.

Unless you quit, you will NOT fail.

I am here to help you DO this thing your way.

I can’t wait to see you shine!

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I make the best bowl of popcorn you may ever have

Music is my passion

I have 2 Great Danes

I am a wine snob

I’m originally from “the OC”

My other favorite food is Chinese (besides popcorn)

I was on the sidelines at Super Bowl 50

I cannot live without mascara & lipgloss

I love to cook but hate to clean